Halloween Outfits: What Not To Wear..."B L A C K F A C E"

It is getting colder outside, orange and brown leaves are falling, and you're running into Halloween decorations everywhere you shop. But this year Halloween's not going to be like any other year.

Firstly because we are still in a pandemic and we should be celebrating this holiday safely. Secondly, because this year has started a new era of social consciousness that has created an environment where blatant ignorance will not be tolerated. With that being said, here's a list of basic attire that should and should not be celebrated.

This Halloween season is a little more devastating than most years. So feel free to add as much humor into your costumes as possible. Tap into your sense of humor with funny (or even punny) movie-inspired costumes:

But while you are looking for funny costumes to brighten up the holiday season, make sure you stay away from old, outdated, and ignorant humor that is NOT allowed.

If you are not sure what that is, we will spell it out for you: B L A C K F A C E.

It was not the comedic relief that it was thought to be back in the 19th century and it is still not now. If you’re oblivious to the racist history of blackface, feel free to look it up and educate yourself.

While you’re at it, avoid these offensive costumes as well:

If you need to ramp up this year for your sanity, go all out and get into the holiday with some spooky looks.

Whether you kill it with a beat face, or with your costume, these Halloween looks will make sure you win best dressed this Halloween:

But don’t get too carried away by dressing as someone else this year that you get into someone else’s culture. Let me reintroduce culture appropriation for those who don’t remember from years past. It is the adoption of an element or elements of one culture or identity by members of another culture or identity. It is played out and also not allowed. So if you feel the need to try someone else’s culture for a “fun” night: stop, put the costume down, and pick up a book instead since you can’t have fun responsibly

Above all else, the most important thing you can (and SHOULD) wear this Halloween is a mask.

Luckily masks can go with so many costumes and can complement the whole look. So make sure you don’t leave home without one of these:

This Halloween is going to be as unconventional as 2020 has been. It will be seen in the low number of trick-o-treaters, fewer Halloween parties, and more intimate group celebrations. This year has been an eye-opening year, so let’s not backslide into the ignorance that was very prevalent in past years. Through it, all this should be a year for growth and new healthy practices. You know better so prove it in your actions and your costumes. We are still in a pandemic so make sure to stay safe by following the latest social distancing rules and get tested before you head out into Halloween plans.

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