Best Apps to Build a Routine

We all get those random bursts of energy and motivation to start new goals and embark on new journeys. If only we could bottle that up and give ourselves little doses every once and a while because we all know too well that that feeling doesn’t always last. Sometimes we just need a little reminder or a push to keep going, or maybe we just aren’t sure how to achieve our goals.

Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of apps that helped me stay on track for my goals during 2020 and these are my favorites. Get ready to add a productivity folder to your apps library.

Nike Training Club: During the pandemic, many gyms have closed and many people don't feel safe working out with others yet. With the Nike Training Club app, you can easily do home workouts (no equipment required). I was doing their workout in my tiny college apartment bedroom and I can promise you, they're effective. (This app helped me lose 50lb during the lockdown, I swear by it).

Fabulous-Daily Self Care: This is the app of the year for a good reason. When you first download the app, it will ask you for a couple of goals you want to achieve. Then you can great morning, afternoon, and evening routines for yourself. While you embark on your journey in real life, your avatar goes on one in the app giving you advice and words of affirmation as you go.

Daylio: This mobile life journal not only helps you track your moods, it also forces you to reflect on your day and evaluate if you did anything for yourself.

Pinterest: You can really use Pinterest for anything, but my favorite way to use it is to save motivational quotes. Every night, in order to unwind, I look up a word like "growth," "motivation," or "mindset." Set the tone for your week.

Flora: This app encourages you to finish your to-do list. Every time you start a task, it asks you to "plant a tree." You have to work on that task until the timer runs out and if you quit early, you kill the tree.

Microsoft To-Do: I'm not the written out day-planner kind of person, I wish I was but I'm not (Seriously, I applaud those of you who are THAT organized). However, this app is as close as I will ever get to being that organized of a person. Download this app on your phone, laptop and/or tablet and get your to-do list across all devices. You can set a general to-do list and then add items to your day as you go.

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