5 Ways to Support Small Businesses With or Without Spending Money

Now that we’re in the Holiday season both small and big businesses are looking forward to incoming traffic. However this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses have been impacted harder economically.

According to a survey by CBIZ, Inc., a leading provider of financial, insurance, and advisory services.

"Small businesses have demonstrated a disproportionate impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, with over 43% surveyed reporting a significant to severe impact."

While larger businesses might be able to recover from COVID’s impact faster than smaller businesses. This year small businesses might not have the resources to fully promote and create holiday products to appease eager seasonal shoppers.

During this pandemic businesses aren’t the only ones who've felt tremendous financial pressures. Many communities nationwide have faced economic hardships from unexpected job loss to more expenses to cover our virtual environment, most households do not have the same disposable income as they've had during previous holiday seasons.

These factors put pressure on both small businesses and consumers. Understanding that these are unexpected times we’ve gathered ways you can support small businesses with or without spending money this holiday season.

Gift and Shop from Small Businesses

If you are able to show your support by shopping with small businesses, this is the best time to do so. Around this time of the year, there are many family and friend gatherings, show your love through gifts from small businesses. If you also hope to receive gifts this year you can create a wish-list to make it easier for your family and friends to know exactly where you would like their dollars to go. Share gifting ideas from your favorite small businesses and share them within your family and friend groups.

Follow small businesses and engage with their posts

Following a small business’ social media account keeps you updated with their content, new merchandise, sales, and also drives positive traffic to their feed. Your follow can lead to more exposure to people who follow you and possibly attract more followers to their business. It also allows you to stay in-the-know with the business and as they post you can engage with the business. Some social media platforms only show posts with certain engagement levels so by engaging with the business’ post you are boosting their posts onto more feeds and possible buyers.

Post about them

Your voice on social media might be one of your biggest assets to use to show support. By posting your favorite businesses and tagging them you promote them to your followers. People are more inclined to buy with a business they've heard about through a friend. Exposing a business to new potential buyers can bring new engagements with their account that further promotes content.

Share your positive experiences with the business and show off their product!

Leave a review

If you have previously bought or received one of their products then leave a nice review on their website. When you are looking at buying something you always check to see what the reviews are like. So when the next possible buyer checks a small businesses’ review, let your review be the reassurance that the buyer needs to make a purchase.

Tell your friends and family about the business

Word-of-mouth marketing can be very successful and a great way to support your favorite small businesses. By sharing your experiences and showing off your favorite items by the business to your family and friends you can possibly attract a new buyer. A personal recommendation by a friend or family member is a bigger incentive to buy from a small business this holiday. Use your network in support of small businesses and help them survive this pandemic.

Now more than ever small businesses need support from their communities. These options to support them by spending money or utilizing your voice to support them can help your community’s buying power for good. This year give your support to small businesses and especially Black-owned businesses. Do your part, as big or small as it can be, and remember to shop Black!

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