12 Months of Joy: Setting Intentions for New Year

Happy New Year, it is finally 2021! This new year means different things for many people. It could mean a new start, a new chance of life, new possibilities, new challenges, and new outcomes. All of these perspectives for this new year are valid and you have the power to make them into your reality.

As we look back on 2020, we see how we’ve grown, changed, and adjusted to the circumstances that we are in.

2020 demanded change from us and 2021 has presented us with an opportunity to turn those changes into positive action. 2020 has also shown us how precious life is and that we shouldn’t take it for granted. So this year focus on what you can control and find joy in your life.

You can do this by setting yourself up for 12 Months of Joy with your new year's intentions. This does not necessarily mean setting new year’s resolutions as new year resolutions may sometimes feel like timed achievements. This usually leads to burnout and resolutions abandoned before the middle of the year. To avoid that, we recommend picking an overarching intention or theme that will umbrella all of your goals this year.

So what’s so different about intentions rather than resolutions? Resolutions are usually strict and task-driven while intentions are guiding principles for how you want to be, live, and show up in the world in any area of your life. Intentions are more fluid than resolutions and allow continued growth that is supported and reinforced by everyday actions. By setting your intentions for the year you set on a journey that is more rewarding than an end goal.

So don’t feel intimidated by resolutions but instead focus on intentions that align with your values and support self-improvement.

First, identify your overarching intention or theme. If you need an example of what your overarching intention could be, take inspiration from Street Smart’s 2021 theme of joy. After the year we just had, the Street Smart team wants to focus on an underappreciated but very important feeling in the Black community. Other one-word intentions that can guide your 2021 are “Free”, “Create”, “Simplify”, “Now”, “Wait”, or “Completion.” Luckily these intentions can mean different things in different situations. They can be seen in the way you talk, work, or get active but it is fully dependent on how you want to interpret it.

Next, gather a list of things that you can implement into your everyday living that can support your intentions. Visualize what you want your year to look like and write it down if it’s possible to create a vision board. Luckily our blog post ‘How to Create a Vision Board: The Traditional Way or With Online Tools’ can help you identify the initiatives to make in alignment with your intentions. This can be as specific or vague as using less technology, spending more time in nature, or meditating more. The greatest advantage of intention-setting is that these tasks are specific to you and you only. You are the only one who can measure your success as it is a personal journey.

Lastly, plan how to incorporate these efforts into your daily routine. Any effort towards your intention will be helpful toward your overall growth so don’t limit yourself. If you are able to accomplish at least one task in your day that supports your yearly intention then by the end of the day you’d have consistently devoted 365 days towards a better you.But if you’re more of a goal-oriented person, feel free to set weekly or monthly goals that align with your intentions. These goals can be as flexible as you want and will also support constant growth throughout the year.

Luckily, our 2021 Street Smart Calendar can help you keep up with the monthly goals you set. In each month on the calendar you provide space for you to write five goals for the month, this holds you accountable for these goals each time you check the calendar. So look out for our new 2021 Calendar coming out later this month!

As you take on 2021 prepare yourself for a great year by setting your intentions. Rather than holding yourself accountable for resolutions that act as a quick-fix set yourself up for long-time success and happiness. Additionally, you can use a journal to make note of your intentions and your successes as the year continue. This can help hold you accountable and is a great way to reflect on the strides you make

during the year.

As Street Smart Collaborative takes the necessary steps to stay true to its 2021 intention of joy, we hope you find your intentions and stick with them for a fruitful 2021.

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