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Marketing, public relations and strategic communications with a heart for intentional community-building. 

We synthesize social and economic development  through creative campaigns that nurture, heal, educate & inspire!


We Are Street Smart

Social Media Strategy

We plan, curate, and create! Specifically, we will develop content themes that get people engaging with your social media accounts, and identifying with your brand identity. 

Website Design and SEO

YOU NEED A BOMB WEBSITE! Our team is equipped with experienced designers who are passionate about creating online experiences. Our UX optimizations and sales funnel integrations encourage increased traffic and sales. 

Corporate Consulting

We help corporate clients own the conversation and manage their reputations. We focus heavily on research and insights to help support the purpose behind your organizational decisions. 

Media and Influencer Relations

Often times in companies it's easy to miss opportunities to communicate your initiatives. Our expert storytellers dig deep to uncover and craft stories that resonate with audiences through shared values. 

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Community Engagement & Events

From in-person community fairs and pop-up shops; to virtual expos and the country's first "Walk for Black Lives," our engagement initiatives are sure to leave a mark. 


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Here to take your Company to another level

Let me help take your business to the next level! We have a team of 5 creative communications professionals who are ready to help you navigate your next project. 

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