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We are committed to helping eradicate racial injustice as an economic threat!


Incorporated in July 2020 amid civil unrest following the death of George Floyd at the hand of a police officer; and sparked by the emotional trauma caused by reopening the wounds of countless other similar situations, our founders began wondering...

  • Why does this keep happening?

  • What can we do to help?

  • How do we help establish long-lasting change?

Through the process of iterative research we realized, that there was a lack of centralized resources available to support education and economics black and under-served communities. We all want to know how society got to where it is, why we should bother to care, and if there’s any hope for a change. Not just on a large-scale, I’m talking on a day-to-day basis!




CEO & Co-Founder

Public relations expert with 8+ years experience leading strategic communications campaigns at Fortune 500 companies. 


COO & Co-Founder

Organizational leader with a Masters in Journalism & Public Relations from Morgan State University. 5+ years operational leadership experience. 

High-School besties on a mission to grow the Black economy through Integrated Marketing Communications Science. 

Team of 5 Communications professionals developing creative campaigns that nurture, heal, educate and inspire.